The Boys in the Bunkhouse
Servitude and Salvation in the Heartland

With this Dickensian tale from America’s heartland, New York Times writer and columnist Dan Barry tells the harrowing yet uplifting story of the exploitation and abuse of a resilient group of men with intellectual disability, and the heroic efforts of those who helped them to find justice and reclaim their lives.

“Dan Barry gives dignity even to the darkest corners of the American experience. He is the closest thing we have to a contemporary Steinbeck.” – Colum McCann, author of the National Book Award-winning Let the Great World Spin

“Expose of a moral catastrophe” and “a vital piece of reporting. A powerful story.” – The New York Times

“Dan Barry has achieved the remarkable. He has written an unforgettable story of degradation, suffering, and eventual triumph rendered in a velvet style that blends poetry with colloquialism.” – The Providence Journal

“The prose itself is at times luminous; hard-hitting journalism shot through with flourishes of the best literary nonfiction…” –Minneapolis Star Tribune

“Gently, empathetically, and indelibly, Barry conveys a tale of unthinkable brutality” – Kirkus (starred review)

“Eloquently and lamentably laid out…clearly and engagingly explains the problems and constructs the arc of evolving public understanding of mental disabilities over that 30-year period.” – Kansas City Star

“Dan Barry represents the magic that is possible in journalism when there is a convergence between a great story and great talent.” – Gay Talese

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